Bump. Awareness through The Implementation of Accidents


In 1996, a curious image mounted on a board 8 1/2 inches tall and 13 feet long began a series of works called CONTINUUMs.

Bump - Detail of The Right Margin

All started with a sunset postcard that, literally stretched to those extreme proportions, conveyed a kind of basic narrative effect. An image of the sun, the all consuming point, absorbing and concentrating all reference onto it, turned to graphic recourse, turned to line, turned into a trajectory with a clearly established start and finish structure.

Bump - Deatil of the Bumped Surface

Moving from A to B, the easy-going eye was, soon enough, interrupted by a simple instant of awareness. On its way across the image, the eye couldn’t yet notice the nature of the surface it was traveling until it felt some kind of interruption in its absentminded motion. A bump had been placed bellow the image. It made perfect sense. Something finally popped-up the seamless surface of the photograph, and brought an accidental dimension to the existing monologue. Accidents insist, again and again, on capitalizing our attentive processes.

Bump in its entirety