Ruben Verdu: contemporary artist. Barcelona, Spain

Tropical Ohio - Cover Pavesas as published by Editorial Tusquets

Tropical Ohio - Title Spread

"To reconstruct the tropic movements of this work, one has to know that these movements are designed to conceptually cover a broader geographic area, pointing, therefore, to a trans-territorial, trans-cultural, and to a meta-authorial sphere. An edition of five intervened copies of Pavesas —Samuel Beckett’s Spanish edition of his short plays published by Tusquets— is presented to the public, showing opened the four double pages that contain the complete contents of what is supposed to be Ohio Impromptu (1981). The intervention consists of replacing Beckett's original text with the contents of Tropical Ohio. Tropical Ohio is, precisely, the result of submitting Ohio Impromptu to a long “translation chain”. This process produces, at the end, a large number of linguistic deformations that accumulate in succession as it goes from English to Spanish, Spanish to traditional Chinese, traditional Chinese to Hebrew, Hebrew to Russian, Russian to Greek, Greek to French, French to Arabic, Arabic to Hindi, Hindi to English, and English to Spanish again. The final text is, therefore, qualitatively speaking, something new."

Tropical Ohio - Page 281

Tropical Ohio - Page 282

Tropical Ohio - Page 283

Tropical Ohio - Page 284

Tropical Ohio - Page 285