Ruben Verdu: contemporary artist. Barcelona, Spain

Vertical Smile - General view of Installation

Something of the silence that covers the territory of the Vertical Smile is impermeable to words. In fact, its resistance emanates from a locus of literal puns that ultimately reflects on the conditions supporting the utterance of the word itself, and on the insistent return of its own inherent techno-dependence. Vertigo is the symptom of the Vertical Smile, speedy fall, and disappearance. The destiny of technology is toward invisibility, that is, smooth and total assimilation. To achieve the ultimate machine, the silent one, we do not resist, therefore, the production of the word, or the production of its violence, and, for sure, we do not arrest the impetus of the symbolic demand, nor of its concise order.

Vertical Smile - The Split Signified/Signifier

Vertical Smile - Coral Stitch

Coral Stitch

Vertical Smile - Double Coral Stitch

Double Coral Stitch

Vertical Smile - Wheatear Stitch

Wheatear Stitch

Vertical Smile - Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone Stitch

Vertical Smile - Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Vertical Smile - Loop Stitch

Loop Stitch