Wall Repeats. Doubling Becomes Unit of Measurement

Wall Repeats Showing Version 7

Wall Repeats 07. Archival print. 75 x 200 cm.

"It is the nature of the commodity system [...], to replace labor with magic".
Susan Stewart Crimes of Writing

Territorial claims are always put forward in a repetitive fashion, insistence playing a big part in the successful development of the struggle. The dynamics generated by the constant overlapping of these claims saturate all urban landscapes. Repetition, here, turns out to be mostly space-hungry. Since space always evidences its ability to show clearly any accumulative magnitude, it becomes, of course, a heavily "tagged" item. Doubling becomes a unit of reality.

Wall Repeats Showing Version 6

Wall Repeats 06. Archival print. 75 x 200 cm.

Wall Repeats Showing Version 5

Wall Repeats 05. Archival print. 75 x 200 cm.